Published On: Mon, Sep 17th, 2012

The New iPhone5 Review

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The All New iPhone5

Finally the long awaited iPhone5 has been released. We all heard quite a lot of rumours about this new phone since the last year, about the change in its shape, about the new features that would be included in it etc. but finally the rumours can now be put to a stop as Apple has spilled the secret and launched the brand new iPhone 5.

Dimensions and Size comparison

Amongst the prominent changes that have been made in the new phone, the most important one is in its dimensions. The new iPhone 5 is slimmer, smarter, taller and lighter. As compared to the previous model iPhone 4S, this new iPhone is 18 percent thinner as iPhone 4S was 037 inch in thickness whereas iPhone5 is only 0.30 inch thick. As far as the weight is concerned, iPhone5 is one fifth of iPhone 4S, i.e. twenty percent lighter. Thirdly, the retina LED displace is now 4 inch long, whereas the display of iPhone 4S was only 3.5 inch. And as the screen size has been increased, a new 5th row of icons has been added to the home page. The new screen size also provides 16:9 aspect ratio and having 44% more color saturation as compared to iPhone 4S, the wide screen movies will run a lot better now.

Speed & Sound

As far as speed is concerned, iPhone 5 comes with a brand new A6 chip which makes the new iPhone approximately twice as fast as iPhone 4S in every aspect. The speed of the graphics has been improved, the speed with which web pages load has been doubled, photography applications will load much faster and even the iTunes library speed has been improved. Apple has also added a third Mic in the new iPhone, improved the speaker sound quality and has made a huge change in the dock connector. It is about 80% smaller than the dock we used to connect iPhone 4S with. The good thing about this new dock is that it is reversible, thus there is no right or wrong way of connecting the dock.

Enhanced Battery & Camera Features

Apple has introduced 4G LTE in iPhone 5 and to support that, the battery has been improved as well. The new iPhone is said to have an 8 hour 3G talk time, and 8 hours of LTE and 3G browsing. You can browse through Wi-Fi for 10 consecutive hours; have a music playback of 40 hours, and a standby time of as much as 225 hours. Although the camera of the new iPhone5 is same as iPhone 4S in terms of megapixels, but a number of other new features has been added to iPhone5’s camera which mainly includes the built-in panorama mode. According to Apple, the panorama mode of iPhone 5 can stitch shots together creating a photo of total 28 megapixels. Moreover, the quality of the front camera has been improved as it can now shoot 720p HD videos, so the FaceTime experience will be much better now plus FaceTime can also run on 3G networks now.

Apple claims iPhone5 to be “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.” So now it is on you to check the new and amazing iPhone 5 and see if it is really up to your expectations.


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