Published On: Mon, Dec 3rd, 2012

Top 5 iPhone Apps You Must Have On This Christmas

As the most waited time of year approaches, we are offered with more and more fun-filled applications. Here is a list of 5 must-have apps for your iPhone and iPad on this Christmas and New Year ’s Eve. After all, it’s Christmas!! No matter how old you are, you are always looking forward for the fresh releases being offered on the most amazing time of the year. And like every year, iOS does not fail to cheer up its users on this Christmas.

Amazon Mobile: We all start planning for Christmas months before it actually arrives, but despite that, we often miss the chance to avail the best Christmas offers and deals. But now you can sit back at home, avoid the crowded streets and find all the gifts that you need at one place, Amazon Mobile! So get Amazon Mobile version 2.3.1 for free and enjoy your Christmas shopping.

Doodle Jump Christmas Special: The only thing which we all dislike about this part of the year is waiting in long queues. So this year, killing time is not a problem with the Doodle Jump Christmas Special.  As people all around you get annoyed, waiting for their turns, you can enjoy the all new Doodle Jump which is as addictive as the original version but has all new and improved graphics, challenges, paths and monsters. The super cool rocket power up makes the game much more exciting. It can be downloaded from iTunes at just $0.99.

Christmas!!:  As the name suggests, the application is all about Christmas. It provides you with a Christmas day countdown, a calendar full of surprises, gift list, exciting toys and games, festival jokes, Christmas sons and wintery wallpapers. So in shorts, this app has it all. As the 1st of December arrives, you begin to unlock new features and secrets of the application. The gift list allows you to jot down your ideas for gifts and store names of the recipients too and once you have bought the gift, you can tick it off. This application is free of cost and people already having it can update it for free as well to get hold of all the new excitements.

New Year’s Blowout Horn! And 2013 Countdown: Are you away from home and family this New Year’s eve? Is yes, then this application is definitely for you. No matter how lonely you feel or how much you miss your family, this application will cheer you up. The cheerful design of the application changes the mood instantly. This application provides a countdown for the New Year’s Eve and also provides a new year’s blowout horn. As you blow into the microphone of your iDevice, you see blower unroll and hear the horn. So you can download this app for $0.99 and get ready to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with yourself.

Microsoft Office: Office Mobile has only been available on the Windows phone. But in 2013, Microsoft Office officials plan to provide it on the iPhone and iPad as well. It might not be a full blown version of the Microsoft Office, but having MS office in your iDevice would be a great relief.  If the app is launched in January, it will be the best New Year’s gift.


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