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Web Designers, Developers and IT Professionals Meetups in Chicago,Illinois

Chicago IT professionals’ meetup group

Chicago IT professionals group originated on Oct 24 2006 and since then has had 96 meetings on a monthly basis attracting roughly over 100 IT professionals including employees, managers, consultants, recruiters, and IT business owners every time. The main purpose is to network and establish the market for your business by spreading the word out about your business to various IT gurus. Moreover it is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable insights on what the recipe is for establishing a successful business.

Venue: – 1909 Spring Road, Oak Brook, IL

Schedule: Upcoming are 3 scheduled events that take place on July 19th, august 16th and September 20th. To join this group you can either sign up using the link provided below or you can sign up using your Facebook login details.

Ethical Hacks/Hackers Chicago

This group basically brings together all sorts of people, – people who want to understand the world better and other people (Ethical hackers) who might find it interesting exploring into different/modern technology. This group also references to journalist who use the latest technology to find the news. (They are also referenced as hackers)This event will help you find inspiration and motivation towards a new different thinking path. Its members are giving the opportunity to gather for new projects and ventures. You can check out their website for future details on how to take part.

Venue: North western University: McCormick Tribune Centre.

Schedule: July 6, 2012 6:00 PM


Refresh Chicago

Inaugurated on July 22nd 2009, refresh Chicago has been organizing meetings on monthly basis and have had 28 meetings so far attracting mass numbers of professionals usually exceeding a 150. This group specifically consists of web designers and developers contributing to the rebirth of modern media. This group caters to all the needs of web developing whether it is providing a new look to the web; employing latest technologies are ensuring usability in designs. The group meetings are held every fourth Wednesday of a calendar month and joining the group is simple and can be done using the website provided by signing up or using your Facebook ID.

Venue: 200 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL

Schedule: Wednesday June 27th, at 6:30 PM


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