Published On: Thu, Mar 8th, 2012

What is Google Play

Android Market Renamed to Google Play

If you are looking for apps like fun Android Games, books and music for your mobile devices, you go to Android Market to download those apps but from now onwards Google has revamped its strategy and introduced one platform called “Google play” where you will find your favorite movies, books, online games, apps and many more fun stuff.

Google play is a perfect cloud based service where you can purchase your favorite songs on tablet and listen to it wherever you want. Likewise you buy your book on your phone and read it anywhere through web on Google Play. If you download a book on your Samsung Galaxy phone or Motorola smart phone and close it after reading some pages, next time your e-reader will open the book right from where you left off. If you downloaded and started a movie in your smart phone then you can also watch this on your flat screen, and if you buy a game through your desktop then you can also play this game on your smart phone. So you can say that, it is just like the Apple’s iCloud service where you can access your favorite content without using cables and without even syncing your device.

As Google’s policy is to integrate all its different products so that user can experience the intuitive interface and simplicity throughout the company’s product line that is why they have integrated their downloadable products in this web site.

As you already know that Google also deals in music, movies and books beside Android apps, Google Play will let Google to bring new customers by showcasing all products under one platform.

Google has also linked this website with their social website “Google+” which will definitely bring users of other social networking sites like Facebook to Google+ because it will be easy to share with their friends about what they are listening, reading or watching on Google play.

One can say that this new service is just a change of name rather than functionality, as the Android Market now has been renamed as “Google play”. But this change will definitely affect the market of Android devices in terms of increase in sales, as Google has re-branded this market. Now you will notice that the Movies, books and music are replaced with the Google play Movies, Books and Music respectively. Before that digital music, movies and books were hosted on different web addresses from the Android now Google play has joined these.

Right now Google is offering special discount on Apps, and other products just to attract customer and make them aware of their new service.

As users buying trends are changing and more and more people are now aware of cloud services it is important for companies to have this integrated service to remain in the market exclusively in this smartphone apps race.


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