Published On: Tue, Jan 22nd, 2013

What Is Google TV and How To Use It With Your Android Devices

When three of the most famous companies all over world came together to co-develop a masterpiece, Google TV was introduced. Basically Google TV is not just an ordinary TV which entertains you with numerous channels, but it also gives you access to infinite applications through Google Play, allows you to stay connected to the World Wide Web through Google Chrome and gives access to YouTube. Intel, Logitech and Sony are the main players behind Google TV, which integrates Google’s Android operating system.

Today Google TV’s second generation devices are available in the market, which are hence the latest. The second generation Google TV devices allow you to watch online videos, stay connected to the world through social networking websites, stay up to date with all the latest news and your favorite team’s scores, you can even install various applications on your TV and it has 3D capabilities as well. So in shorts, Google TV has it all.

Google Play for Google TV is just like it is for the android devices. A huge variety of applications is available under each category, and the main categories include TV and Movies, Video, Music, News Lifestyle and Games. Yes, you can even install games on your Google TV. On the other hand, Google TV also makes it easier for you to find stuff on your existing TV service. Moreover, Google TV enhances your TV with over 100,000 movies and TV episodes on demand along with thousands of YouTube channels as well.

How Google TV works:

Option number one is to purchase the Google TV box device which sits between your receiver (whether cable or satellite) and your TV. The device enables all the features and provides all the attractions offered by Google TV on your existing Television set. The remote control can be used to control the cable box, Television and the stereo.

The second option is to get the web and application goodness installed right into your television set. So you would not need to get the device, you just get your existing television set converted into Google TV.

The NZS-GS7 is the latest remote control optimized for Google TV designed by Sony. This remote control has a large touchpad and a backlit qwerty keyboard, and good news for gaming freaks is that this remote control has a 3-axis motion sensor as well.

How to use Google TV with the help of your Android Device:

All you need to do is open Google Play on your Android device and download “Google TV Remote” application, which is available for free. This application would turn your android device into Google TV remote, allowing you to use the mouse pad, full range of buttons and arrow keys. It also enables to share videos and web pages with the television and if this is not enough, you can also use voice search to fetch content. To use this application you would have to connect your android device to the same internet network as to which your Google TV is connected.


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