Published On: Tue, May 15th, 2012

What is Toaster Notifications and How to disable them in windows 8

Basically, the toaster notifications are among those thousands of new features that are introduced in Microsoft’s next generation of windows operating system, the all new Windows 8. These toast notifications are simply alerting the users about the various ongoing processes inside their system.

There is sort of message inside box simply pops up when there is something happened to your system. This is relatively a new feature and a very nice addition in Microsoft Windows 8. However, sometime these toaster notifications can be very annoying, so users might look for disabling them on temporarily basis. Or sometimes they are looking for permanent basis in order to disable these notifications.

How to disable Toaster Notifications in Windows 8?

Now, you can find in below simple steps regarding how to disable toaster notifications. Although, there are several benefits of having enabled toaster notifications, but in many cases they are supposed to be very irritating. Windows 8 is relatively new among users, so they are not familiar with enabling and disabling with various features of Windows 8. This tutorial shows how to disable toaster notifications in windows 8.

This can be easily done through the charms menu. So, in order to have this, you need to press the combination of Windows Key + C from your keyboard and then press / click on the settings. You can review the below image, which shows how it works:-

Moving further, after performing the above steps, you will see at the bottom of your sidebar, a notification icon.  Same has been shown in the below image, as the whole area is highlighted red in rectangle.

Then you need to click on the same icon in order to disable notifications on behalf of all applications. I have shown the same in below screenshot.

While moving on, there is a problem you can face with disabling all such notifications even those are on your lock screen. However, you can amend or change this quite easily. All you need to do is click on the link of more PC settings. This will certainly opens the metro control panel on your windows 8 screen. That has been shown in the below screen shot.

You will be noticing that how everything has been turned off. However, the very first thing you need to do or need to perform is to re-enable or re-activate all notifications. Same has been shown in the below image.

So, if you are willing to turn off the Toaster Notifications for a specific application then just toggle around the applications settings. It’s up to you to enable or disable toaster notifications for a specific notification. You can test this with any of the application of your choice whereas in below image we have performed testing for this on messenger application. See the below snapshot.

That is all, you have successfully learnt through the above mentioned simple steps about how to disable toaster notifications in windows 8.


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