Published On: Fri, Mar 1st, 2013

Why Upgrade To Android Jelly Bean

The latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean takes Smartphone usage to a whole new level. It is has been officially declared as the smoothest and fastest version of Android so far. Buttery transitions and silky graphics allow users to move between home screens and switch between applications effortlessly.

What’s new in 4.2 Jelly Bean:

Multiple Users: One tablet can be fully used by multiple users. Each user has his own space in which he can customize his home screen and background, and install applications, games and widgets of his choice. Switching between users is as easy as it can get; no need to log out or restart your tablet.

Wireless display: Now you can view your movies, captured videos, YouTube videos and all sorts of media on an HDTV wirelessly. Connecting a wireless display adopter to any TV which supports HDMI allows you to mirror whatever is on your Android device screen onto the TV screen.

Daydream: Now you can stay up to date with news, weather forecast, scores and view your photo albums even when your Android device is idle and/or locked.

Actionable notifications: Jelly Bean keeps you notified and helps you stay connected in the best way possible. Just swipe down the notification bar from the top of the screen and view expanded notifications and you can even respond to them directly from the notification bar.

Android Beam: Now sharing photos, videos, contacts, web pages, directions, YouTube videos and even applications is just a simple touch away. Using the NFC, you can transfer whatever is on your screen to another Android device just by touching both devices to each other (back-to-back).

Accessibility: Zooming in to get a full screen magnification is what you can achieve by tapping your screen thrice. And you can interact with the device and even type with screen fully zoomed in.

Smarter Keyboard: Typing just got easier with Android’s new and smarter keyboard which introduces Gesture Typing. You just swipe your finger over letters in one go and your device types for you. Raising finger adds a space between words. Android’s dictionary is much more accurate now and suggests relevant words. So basically your phone just got intelligent and knows what you need to type.

Photo Spheres: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean allows you take pictures in every direction, bringing them together into immersive photo spheres. Capturing a 360-degree panorama picture with your Camera application is something which all Android users had been impatiently waiting for. The latest Android gives you a whole new camera experience where you can view your photo spheres, share them on Google+ and add them to Google Maps as well.

Magical Widgets: Now you can access and customize your home screen in a whole new way. Personalizing home screens is much more fun. Your widgets can automatically adjust according to the room available on the home screen, and if you want to keep it big, it makes room for itself or moves to another home screen where enough room is available.

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