Published On: Fri, Jun 1st, 2012

XBOX 720 Rumors and Prospective Features

It’s been quite a long time that we have been hearing rumors about the much awaited Xbox 720. All former Xbox fans are gossiping on the internet about the latest, disc-less next generation gaming console. They may-be correct, regarding this rumor as it may seem that Microsoft has some mistrusted partners who may have leaked vital information about their on-going secretive features on the Xbox 720 causing the consumers to believe that there will be a new version of Xbox in future. Since Microsoft hasn’t publicly discussed their latest invention, increasing disclosure upon this, may cause Microsoft a risk for them to undertake. There are all different stories about xbox 720 release date as well some says it is expected in 2013 christmas some says may be earlier.

what are the rumors about the new Xbox 720?

Microsoft’s newest edition to the Xbox series seems so powerful it may have based it from the 16-core IBM Power PC CPU and AMD Radeon HD 7000-equivalent GPU. In an easier language, if the attractively newborn Xbox were to be an automobile, you would most likely see it at a Car racing pit. As expected, Microsoft has not yet given a statement on this matter, permitting these rumors to fly high, without a concern.
Insertion of the AMD 7000 series graphic card will certainly place a new position for the valued Xbox against the ‘’also’’ rumored PlayStation 4, which is also said to be incorporated with the AMD Southern Islands graphic and an AMD x86 CPU.

If we place these two consoles under the test in terms of performance, both devices will obviously comprise the same hardware but as time goes on, these devices on sale would utterly be out of date as compared to the desktop computers we have today.

Now, even at this point of time, Blu-ray movies are something everyone wants to have and watch. Why not? The Xbox too, will be arriving stored with a Blu-ray drive. Keeping in mind that many people believe there will no Blu-ray drive. But then again people are also implying that the console will become available in stores without the disc drive technology at all. Getting rid of the disc drive may save Microsoft a lot of money and may also give an additional benefit of a light-weight and power saver of the ultimate device, but this essential may-be sticking to the new Xbox after all.

A device developed round motion detection, it brings a lot of promises and it does appear to look like MS is captivating its way, and presently pushing Kinect Hardware and software. Rumoring also that the 2nd version of the ‘’Kinect’’ will be the key experience of the hottest Xbox 720.

Does this mean a close-down to the second-hand game market?

The million dollar question, Will this new gaming device destroy the second-hand market? Well, it is said that the Xbox is featured with a procedure aimed, at causing the game owners from not playing used games. Something which many users will find expensive, No trading-in of old games for new ones. The Xbox 720 stated to require a 24/7 internet connection to gaming. What about if there is no internet connection? This idea sounds a little horrifying-hoping this rumor doesn’t turn out to be true.


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